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US-UK-EUROPE. See You Soon, See you Now!

Feb 10, 2015 - 01:23 AM CST

The REEL BIG FISH / LESS THAN JAKE tour is half way done and it has been a complete blast, not only are RBF a good band but great friends and it is always a pleasure to tour with them. We have ben zigzagging through some wintery weather but thats stating the obvious when talking touring in January. Its been all eyes on gearing up for the UK/EU tour, a few new shirts, some surprises from the stage, and setting up the whol;e infastructure of international touring. I'm not sure if most of you out there reading know but LTJ is completely self managed and all of the moving parts of touring are handled by us!

Here's the dates to look out for:

Feb 10, 2015 St Louis, MO The Pageant

Feb 12, 2015 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater

Feb 13, 2015 Murray, UT Murray Theater

Feb 14, 2015 Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock Live

Feb 15, 2015 Reno, NV Knitting Factory

Feb 16, 2015 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst

Feb 17, 2015 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom

Feb 18, 2015 Anaheim, CA The Grove

Feb 19, 2015 San Diego, CA House Of Blues

Feb 20, 2015 West Hollywood, CA House Of Blues

Mar 04, 2015 Glasgow, UK O2 Academy

Mar 05, 2015 Birmingham, UK O2 Academy

Mar 06, 2015 Newcastle, UK O2 Academy

Mar 07, 2015 Nottingham, UK Nottingham Rock City

Mar 09, 2015 London, UK KOKO

Mar 10, 2015 London, UK KOKO

Mar 12, 2015 Manchester, Uk Academy

Mar 13, 2015 Bristol, UK O2 Academy

Mar 14, 2015 Leeds, UK O2 Academy

Mar 16, 2015 Paris, FR La Cigale

Mar 17, 2015 Frankfurt, DE Batschkapp

Mar 18, 2015 Munich, DE Backstage Werk

Mar 20, 2015 Berlin, DE C- Club

Mar 21, 2015 Hamburg, DE Marktalle

Mar 22, 2015 Koln, DE Live Music Hall

Mar 24, 2015 Copenhagen, DK Pumpehuset

Mar 25, 2015 Stockholm, SE Klubben

Mar 27, 2015 Helsinki,FI Nosturi

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Glasgow, UK - Mar 04 2015 at O2 Academy

Co- Headline With Yellowcard

Birmingham, UK - Mar 05 2015 at O2 Academy

Co- Headline With Yellowcard

Newcastle, UK - Mar 06 2015 at O2 Academy

Co- Headline With Yellowcard

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Give A Follow ...

Feb 10, 2015 - 01:30 AM CST

If you have instagram and are a LTJ vinyl junkie, you should give a follow to @LTJVINYLOGRAPHY - TAke a read of the interview I did with Jorge, the man behind the site.

A talk with the
man behind the

ever expanding

Less Than Jake


- Give me some background to being a LTJ fan
Being an LTJ fan is rewarding. You know when you go to shows you're always going to get a high octane, energetic show with crazy banter. There is always a great mix in the setlist that everyone can get in to. And if you're at a show I think what a lot of fans discover is that LTJ are very down to earth, cool guys. It's always been my experience that it's not hard to run into the band hanging out before or after the show. They take the time hang out with fans. Their music always feels personal and real. Lyrically they cover a lot of personal content that you don't really see a lot of of other bands covering which makes it easy for fans to relate to. And dear god all the collector goodies, whether it's vinyl or other crazy memorabia like beer or life jackets or Evolution Kid toys, there is something for everyone. My old screenname from the LTJack forums and the Capitol boards was "Evolution Kid" haha.

- Why the instagram vinylography?

The Instagram Vinylography came about because I wanted a cool way to be able to share the collection with other megafans and collector nerds. I had done a couple of those "record a day" instagram things that would last a month where you post a blue record one day and a dollar find the next etc. I kept seeing those pop up and thought it would be really cool for there to be something dedicated to LTJ and the insane amount of vinyl that has been released over the years.

- Favorite piece of LTJ vinyl?

My favorite definitely has to be the Anthem 7" set. That's the album that truly hooked me. I'd heard you guys on a Tony Hawks videogame while I was visiting relatives for Christmas one year. Turns out my cousin happened to be a big fan of the band and showed me some more music and some studio update videos on LTJ's website at the time. This was a few months before Anthem released. Turns out the album was being released on my birthday, so I begged my parents to order the deluxe CD for me and that pretty much sealed it. Then one of the first LTJ shows I went to to, either at the Masquerade or the 99x Upstart fest, I picked up the Anthem set and the Clear Pezcore Picture disc. The attention to detail on that Anthem set was truly impressive. I thought it was such a cool idea having different artists of all styles doing their own take on what the art can be for each song. Those records are where it all started for me.

- Do you have any chase LTJ records?

Holy Grail record for me is definitely the Pie Tin set. I've seen a couple pop up recently but can't pull the trigger with how expensive they always go for. A close second is actually the Anthem set from before. A few years after getting it, I became a broke college kid and let it go for not very much and now can't find it again without it being triple what I paid in the first place from the band haha.

- I see the the LTJ community of fans is starting to help fill in the gaps that are in your personal collection.

Absolutely! It's been an awesome response from the community. From day one people have offered to chip in and help with anything they can. Which is awesome. I have a little over half of all the crazy variants and releases etc, so having other people who are also huge collector nerds willing to chip in is incredible. So I got everything organized and made a google doc so every one can see whats missing, what they can help with etc.

- What is your contact info for fans wanting to help curate the complete vinylography?

** (
is the easiest way to get in touch to help out. Or if you're following @ltjvinylography on Instagram, send a private message.

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